November 30, 2016

Gift Guide 2016: For Men

      Next up are gifts for the men in your life. My fiance is super picky about gifts, but he's mostly picky not because he has something specific he has in mind, but because he emphasizes that he "doesn't need anything." But isn't gift giving and the holiday spirit about giving someone something you think they would enjoy but doesn't need or wouldn't necessarily buy for themselves? That's something I think about when I'm picking out gifts for anyone, but especially for men because if they're anything like my fiance, they are looking for something fun and different, but functional at the same time.

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      Isn't this (1) crab shaped multi-tool adorable?? I kind of want one for myself, but I would have no use for a multi tool! Know a guy who travels a lot? The warm but super light down jacket by (2) Uniqlo is perfect because it also comes with a travel pouch that you can easily pack in a luggage or carry in a backpack. Every year I feature a video game in the Gifts for Men post, this year one of the biggest releases is (3) Call of Duty Infinite Warfare and is available on all platforms including PC. The best part of this game in my opinion? Kit Harrington is the villain! Moving on from games to fashion, I adore my Roshe Runs by Nike, and I think these all black (4) Roshes are super chic and wearable all year round. This (5) Micro Brewing Kit is the perfect gift for the guy who loves his spirits. A super fun and unique gift that others can also enjoy! Lastly, if your guy is into PC gaming, consider getting him the (6) Hue+ which allows him to customize the lighting in his PC tower. It's the must have accessory and final touch for someone who takes pride in his PC.

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