November 25, 2016

Three Things 11.25.2016

      For all my readers in the States, I hope you had an amazing and filling Thanksgiving! As you can see from the snapshot above, after months of waiting, my couch finally came! It is the last necessity in the living room, and it was last thing that prevented me and my fiance from having a lot of guests over. Of course when the room is ready to be revealed, I'll write more about the couch and the other pieces in the living room. But in keeping with the home decor theme, the three things I've been enjoying lately around my apartment are home related.

Coop Home Goods Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

      I'm a side sleeper, so it's particularly hard for me to find a pillow that gives me the support I need. After months of mulling around the internet and dealing with my prior pillow becoming way too flat, I finally pulled the trigger and bought the shredded memory foam pillow by Coop Home Goods. Oh boy, it's changed my nights for the better! The pillow provides enough support, but conforms itself to your neck and head because of the memory foam. I haven't had a sore neck since! I even catch my fiance trying to sneak his way onto it in the middle of the night because it's that good. And best part, the brand sells a refill pack in case you need to replace the interior foam. Available on Amazon for $52 for a Queen sized pillow which is pricier than the average pillow, but a good night's sleep is invaluable to me!


West Elm Velvet Luster Pillow in Stone

      Speaking of pillows, we're moving onto the bedroom and into the living room where I'm obsessed with this luster velvet pillow cover by West Elm. I love how it has a shine to it since the fabric I chose for the couch is more matte. The 20'' size is perfect for the couch I got, and the pricetag of $29 isn't too shabby either!


Fall Scented Candles

      It's not officially Fall in our household until we bring out the fall scented candles! Of course Leaves by Bath and Body Works is a favorite because the throw of the candle fills up the entire living and dining room. But I also picked up the Pumpkin Banana Muffin candle a while back and I was saving it specifically for the week of Thanksgiving (which would have been yesterday, I can't believe how fast Fall is going by!).

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