December 19, 2016

Link Love: A Gingerbread Mansion, Beauty Year in Review, & A Whimsical Tudor Home

      Happy Monday! Christmas is just right around the corner and NYC has already had its first snow this past weekend. Due to the upcoming holidays, I'll be taking around a 2 week hiatus from the blog since my parents are coming into town and will be staying with me. Plus, the overcast is just way too depressing and it makes for terrible photo taking light. 

1. NOVELTY: This gingerbread house puts all other gingerbread houses to shame - 240 eggs, 66 pounds of butter and sugar, and 480 pounds of icing to be exact. It's so detailed too!

2. HOME: This Brooklyn home combines just the right amount of high and low pieces. I personally also love mixing in Ikea furniture with more expensive pieces.

3. BEAUTY: Another year, another review. Check out this article featuring three CEO/Founders from Barneys, Blumercury, and SokoGlam for their hits, flops, and what they think are the next big things in beauty.

4. HOME: This house is so whimsical and outgoing, it reminds me of the interiors of Kate Spade stores! One of the bathrooms has a kelly green herringbone arch and the interior of the stall is black and white stripes. My favorite part of the house however is the kitchen with its white marble and gold accents!

5. BEAUTY: Glossier is going to launch their "Priming Moisturizer Rich" (sometime in January to be precise). If you didn't already know, Glossier used crowd sourcing to create their now cult status Milky Jelly Cleanser - they did the same thing for Priming Moisturizer Rich. Yours truly, participated in both! I can't wait because I love practically every skincare item from Glossier.

6. NOVELTY: Ever wonder how much it would actually cost to be Santa Claus and deliver all those toys to kids (age 14 and under since this is what the article's calculations are based on) over the world? This article breaks it down for you!

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