February 2, 2017

Obsessed - Kristin Ess's New Haircare Line

      Kristin Ess, the hair goddess behind Lauren Conrad and Lucy Hale's gorgeous tresses recently released an affordable hair care line at Target! I have really flat fine hair, and the Instagram beauty shots that Kristin takes of Lauren Conrad and Lucy Hale's hair is always full of texture and volume - basically something I only wish my hair could do. So when Kristin announced that she was releasing an affordable hair care line at Target of all places, I knew I had to grab them and try them out for myself.

     I bought quite a few products from her line: The One Shampoo & Conditioner, the Cleansing Conditioner, Dry Shampoo, Volumizing Mousse, and the Leave in Conditioner. They're all great products for the price point! Some people raved about the scent, but I actually found it a tad too strong but after using it for a week I'm used to it. The conditioner is great for oily hair, it hydrates enough without weighing it down and rinses really cleanly. The shampoo is sulfate free, and so it doesn't lather quite as much as a sulfate shampoo, but if you use enough and really work it into your hair, it can create a rich lather. I typically don't do Cleansing Conditioners, but Kristin's is "low lathering" and sometimes I use it instead of the conditioner. If you have oily hair like me, the cleansing conditioner can be passed on, but it'll be a great product for those with curlier or drier hair.
      Typically most products that I've used that claim to be "volumizing" really let me down. But the Volumizing Mousse surprisingly really makes a difference in my hair! When I don't use it, I totally see the difference in volume. It leaves a nice gritty texture on my hair so my strands are more separated and gives it the illusion of making it look more fuller. Similarly, most dry shampoos I use also leave my hair sort of powdery and all over the place, but Kristin's Dry Shampoo induces shine and leaves my hair soft! For $14, it's a very good dry shampoo. I've also been using her Leave In Conditioner (which is something I usually stay away from because they weigh my fine hair down) because she specifically claims that it's weightless if you apply it on freshly washed towel dried hair. I think it's making a difference in the silkyness of my hair after using it for a week.
      All of her products contain the "Zip Up" technology which is supposed to seal in moisture and address split ends. All in all, she put out a quality hair care line that's affordable and accessible to most. I'm obsessed, and will be keeping some of her products in my shower and beauty cabinet as regular staples!

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