March 23, 2017

Link Love: Emma Watson's Beauty Routine, Rosewater Recipes & the Sony 2017 World Photography Awards

1. NOVELTY: These really intricate sculptures are made out of cardboard! Really different, unique, but cool looking. 

2: BEAUTY: P50 - it's been dubbed the "Rolls Royce" of toners. I personally have never tried it, but it's got this crazy cult following where people swear by it. Apparently there are many different versions too and this guide by Into the Gloss breaks it down. Maybe I'll one day splurge and get a coveted bottle myself.

3: RECIPE: I'm obsessed with rose flavored things - rose milk tea, macarons, ice cream, you name it. Here are several recipes that incorporate rose water if you're as big as a fan as I am.

4. HOME: I cannot get enough of spaces with bright and natural lighting. It's the one thing that makes any space better. This particular home has an incredibly bright and airy white kitchen that I can't stop looking at. The marble tile bathroom and exposed piped sink is to die for too!

5. BEAUTY: Another great beauty article by Into the Gloss is the one they recently did with Emma Watson and her beauty routine. Anyone who knows me well knows I adore her, and she's an incredible role model. So of course I'm curious to know what beauty products she uses!

6. NOVELTY:  I am no professional photographer, but I'm always trying to improve my skills! I won't ever be as talented as the photographers who made it to Sony's 2017 World Photography Awards. One of my favorite galleries is the Natural World one. Check it out for some incredible shots.

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