March 6, 2017

Wedding Series: The Small Details

      Pretty much every free moment I have on the weekends I try to dedicate to planning the wedding. Across my research (Style Me Pretty is my wedding bible!) I've come to gather small details that I think will bring any wedding to the next level - and most importantly, for a reasonable price! A big overarching philosophy that I'm trying to stick to for the wedding is purchasing items that I can reuse after the wedding. If I can't, then it must be a reasonable price! It'll depend on what else I come across, but I might do several posts about wedding planning tips during my own planning process!

Return Address Rubber Stamps

      I'm still exploring the possibility of hiring a calligrapher for the sole purpose of addressing my wedding invitation envelopes, but to save money on the return addressing and RSVP addressing, I purchased a custom stamp from Etsy. The return stamp has no wedding details on it - it's a plain stamp that just has our envelope on it. It cost less than $40 and it's something me and my fiance will definitely be reusing after the wedding. There are tons of option on Etsy for around the same price or less!

Getting Ready Robes

     I struggled with this for a while. I honestly was looking for an alternative option such as oxford shirts or pajamas but I ultimately decided on robes but with a caveat. Usually these robes have the words "bridesmaid" or "maid of honor" along with the name of the respective bridesmaid. I did away with those. Instead I customized the robe to the respective bridesmaid with no detail of the wedding day so that when they wear it after the wedding, nobody would suspect that they received the robe from being a bridesmaid. I know some brides will want the bridesmaid and made of honor details, but for me it was more important to gift my bridesmaids something they'll wear after. Luckily Etsy has tons of sellers that customize robes for this exact purpose. From my research, the average cost of a satin robe with embroidery cost ranges from $20-35 with bridal robes costing slightly more from $35-$150.

The Mrs. Box

     This is honestly a bit of a splurge item, but I honestly couldn't find an alternative ring box that was in my wedding colors and had the same quality to it. I'm designing and creating our wedding invites myself from scratch. When I say that, I don't mean I'm working with a designer, I'm really going to be the one creating them! Therefore, it was really important to me (and my fiance who is my biggest cheerleader and supporter) that the invitations will be photographed and given the respect it deserves on the day of our wedding! Enter the Mrs. Box that will be featured alongside our invitations that'll give the photo that finishing touch.

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