April 18, 2017

Current Skincare Routine - Spring 2017

      I hope my skin doesn't retaliate when I say this, but lately it's been behaving and my breakouts have been at a minimum. I have a feeling it's because I've been less oily lately and have been using products that really hydrate and calm my skin at the same time. Two new to me brands that I feel like have really improved the texture and condition of my skin are CosRx and The Ordinary products. Luckily for me too, their products are so affordable! As you can see from the picture above, a good chunk of the products I've been using are from CosRx and The Ordinary. Now that spring is officially here, I've been using more watery serums and a lighter daily moisturizer.

Daytime Routine

      I like to keep things relatively simple in the mornings since one, I'm not a morning person, and two, I don't like my skin feeling heavy and oily in the mornings. Besides a quick swipe of Bioderma and a sunscreen, I only use the five above products every morning. First comes the essence which right now is Iope's Bio Essence (I'm almost out, but I already have a backup as it's the best essence I've tried). Then I spray my face with the CosRx Galactomyces Toner and immediately follow that up with the CosRx Snail Mucin Power Essence. The Snail Mucin Power essence gives the perfect amount of hydration without weighing down my skin, I really love it! Then I use two drops of the Ordinary's Alpha Arbutin serum on the areas of my skin where I'm trying to fade hyperpigmentation and acne scars. At this point my skin feels hydrated and I seal it in with the Priming Moisturizer by Glossier. (get 20% off via my link here!)

Nighttime Routine

      My base line of products that I use every night consists of six products and I rotate treatments and oils according to my skin's condition and needs as I see fit. The first two steps are the same as my day time routine - Iope's Bio Essence followed up by the Galactomyces Toner. I switch up the Snail Mucin Power essence for the Galactomyces Essence at night. I know what you might be thinking, that's a lot of essences - but they're all super thin in texture and they absorb into my skin really quickly. Plus, it makes my skin incredibly glowy and bright! I then use the Ordinary's Alpha Arbutin serum at night as well. At this point I have an arsenal of treatments and oils I use depending on how my skin is. If it needs hydration, I use the Kiehl's Mightnight Recovery Concentrate. I usually also pair the Midnight Recovery Concentrate with the Caudalie Polyphenol C15 Overnight Detox Oil (I think Caudalie discontinued this particular product and replaced it with the Vine[Activ] Overnight Detox Oil) so I get both hydration and antioxidants. If my skin needs balancing and is breaking out, I use the Lapis Oil by Herbivore Botanicals - love this stuff as it's perfect for oily skin (more detailed review to come later). Every other night I also use the Ordinary's Advanced Retinoid 2% Emulsion to even out my skin and keep it looking smooth. It's not pictured, but every once or twice a week I also use the Ordinary's Lactic Acid 10% to give my skin a superficial peel and I usually pair this treatment with the Ordinary's Rose Hip Seed Oil because it's one of the heavier oils I own. I seal everything in with my night time cream, the Super Multi Corrective Cream by Kiehls and my eye cream, the Creamy Eye Treatment which is also by Kiehls.


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