May 4, 2017

Product Empties - Spring 2017

      It's empties time! It usually takes me a while to do empties posts, but shortly after my most recent empties post I actually finished up quite a few more products! It's mostly skincare as I don't really finish makeup products that often (the Hera Cushion Foundation and my soon to be empty Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundations are the few super rare exceptions) since I tend to wear the same makeup look everyday.

      First is La Roche Posay's Effaclar Duo which is my main squeeze when it comes to battling my acne. It's a skincare staple of mine and I go through a tube every couple months. Next is another another skincare staple I've featured in a lot of my other empties, the Urban Factor Shiseido Sunscreen - my all time favorite sunscreen because it doesn't feel heavy at all on the skin. I also finished up another pot of my beloved Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm, and luckily I was gifted and hauled a couple from Paris so I still have plenty of backups! I finished up a bottle of the Bio Essence by IOPE which is my all time favorite essence, but I got another bottle of it and started using it and I think they reformulated it. It's now a consistency that's slightly thicker than water, not sure how I feel about since I loved the original so much - we'll see. Next is the Serozinc toner by La Roche Posay. Love this stuff, but it's only available to purchase via La Roche Posay's official ecommerce site in the US which is a bummer. Next I finished up the Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser by Sunday Riley which was okay, but not worth it for the $45 price tag. I have to say in retrospect, I think most of the products I've tried by Sunday Riley are not worth it. I probably won't be repurchasing anything anytime soon from the brand. Last but not in the very least, an empty bottle of Kristin Ess's Signature Shampoo. This I will and have already repurchased! It's a great shampoo and for $10 which is only slightly more expensive than a drugstore shampoo but gives you great results, it's a keeper.

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