May 23, 2017

Product Review: Glossier Invisible Shield Sunscreen

      Every time Glossier releases a product beauty enthusiasts (me included) go crazy! The Invisible Shield was no exception. I mean, a clear gel like sunscreen? I'm religious about wearing my sunscreen everyday, but it took me ages to find a sunscreen that didn't feel oily, greasy, or overall gross on my skin (my favorite sunscreen is the Urban Factor Sunscreen by Shiseido, read my review here). The first day Glossier launched Invisible Shield, I was sure to purchase a bottle for myself because I just had to see what a serum like sunscreen felt like.

Glossier Invisible Shield SPF 35+
Price: $34

Not optional. If you don’t already use sun protection every day, now’s the time to start. If you do, good! Now it’s time for an upgrade. Introducing sunscreen for people who hate wearing sunscreen—a clear watergel formula filled with active microcapsules that instantly absorbs into skin with no greasy residue and zero white cast. It helps prevent sun damage and skin cancer, but also works to neutralize harmful free radicals inside your skin, and keeps pollutant junk from getting in there in the first place—that’s the “+”. We want you to use it every. single. day. as the last step in your skincare routine.

See the official ingredient snapshot image by Glossier here.


       Yep, as you can see it really is clear. It looks and feels like a gel serum, it's not as silky as a gel moisturizer like the Aqua Bomb by Belif, but it spreads just as easily. Glossier says that it doesn't smell like a traditional sunscreen, but I don't find that to be true. Although I can smell the sweet orange oil in it, I still smell the traditional sunscreen scent. It's definitely not as strong as other sunscreens, but nevertheless it's still present. It terms of how it looks on your skin after application, unfortunately for me it makes my skin look shinier - which is something I avoid since I already have oily/combination skin. This would be my perfect sunscreen if it didn't make my face shinier after application! Still though, it's not a deal breaker as I love the texture and it doesn't feel like a traditional sunscreen!


Concluding Remarks

        For those of you who detest sunscreen and hate the greasy texture and whitecast most traditional sunscreen's have, definitely check out Invisible Shield. I know that a lot of sunscreens break people out due to the ingredients, so before purchasing check out the ingredients list as Invisible Shield is a chemical sunscreen. Although I think the gel sunscreen is not new to Korean beauty brands, I don't think any other Western beauty brand has released such a product like this. Want 20% off Invisible Shield, purchase via my referral link here!


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