September 28, 2018

A Deep Dive into the World of Biologique Recherche

      During my hiatus from the blog I fell hard  - and I mean, real hard, for the French skincare brand Biologique Recherche. Some of you may know this brand solely from their cult famous toner - P50 1970, which not surprisingly from its price tag is known in the beauty world as the "Rolls Royce" of toners. I personally have known about this infamous toner since probably college, but even back then it was super expensive and the poor college in student in me could barely afford my Kiehls Ultra Facial Moisturizer back then. But now we're here in the present time and I have a whole Biologique Recherche lineup to talk about and explain why my skincare routine consist of a majority of products from the brand.

P50 Toners

      I don't want to go too much into the history of the brand because a simple Google search will give you all that info, but the brand has been around for approximately 40 years and was founded by a French man who is a doctor, biologist, and physiotherapist. Since the inception of the brand, the P50 toner has been at the forefront of the entire skincare line, so of course we're going to start with it first! Today there are five different kinds of "P50" lotion aptly named Lotion P50 1970, Lotion P50, Lotion P50 V,  Lotion P50 W, and Lotion P50 PIGM 400. When the product first came out it was only P50 1970 which is the strongest formulation out of all five and coincidentally it is now completely banned from being sold in the European Union due to the inclusion of phenol (you can Google the debate on the controversial nature of the ingredient but I won't be going into that here). I'm going to do a separate review post on P50 1970 so I won't go into too many details in this post except that it has become my holy grail toner. I really can't live without it and I promise I'll go into more detail about it then.

Face Masks


      The brand is also known for its amazing face masks, and I myself own two, Masque Vivant and Masque VIP O2. Again, since my skintype is oily and acne prone, I chose Masque Vivant because it's formulated to balance out problematic skin. I also cannot live without this mask as it makes my skin glow like no other mask I've used. After using the mask, my skin feels increible - balanced, soft, and content. When I mask with Vivant I also mix in VIP O2 which is also supposed to brighten the skin and balance it out from environmental pollutants. Lastly, I add a sprinkle of baking soda which transforms the texture of the mask from sticky to frothy. Lots of spas recommend this recipe when masking with Vivant saying that the baking soda allows the mask to draw out even more impurities from your skin, but I like it because it makes the mask less stripping. Masque Vivant can be very stripping if you don't add in a more hydrating mask, even for those with very oily skin. That's why I highly recommend getting Masque VIP O2, or mixing in a moisturizing mask when using Vivant. I mask overtime whenever I'm breaking out and it really helps control the breakouts.

Creams & Moisturizers

      Next the face creams, most of BR's face creams are either brown or white colored as they don't use any perfumes or synthetic fragrances and dyes. The scent of some of the creams can be very off-putting at first as they don't smell like the moisturizers we're all probably used to. At first I couldn't believe the smell of Creme Dermopurifiante and that it was going on my face - I thought, "how can something with this smell be good for my face?" But I held out because it is suppose to be the perfect cream for my skin type, and I'm so glad I did because it's magic for my skin. It mattifys but most importantly it also both hydrates and calms my skin. I also got used to the smell (it smells like bread mostly because of the yeast in the product), and now I can't use any moisturizers with heavy fragrances! I also use Creme Placenta during the day which is formulated to heal the skin since I usually have one or two blemishes that I would like to go away as fast as possible.


      Lastly, the serums! All of BR's serums to my knowledge are very thin and water like in texture. They're designed to be used immediately after your designated P50 lotion and are thin in texture so that they are absorbed quickly. I've only used two serums from the entire BR line, Serum Iribiol and Serum Placenta. Serum Iribiol is for acne, you dot the serum directly on the blemish and on any areas where you are prone to break out. Serum Placenta is for healing acne scars and blemishes, it also smells terrible - like a wet dog. But as with all things BR, the smell is something that all BR users experience and laugh about because it's almost a sort of rite of passage when getting into the brand. Serums come in two sizes, 0.3oz or 1oz, and they always come with the squeezable dropper so that you can control exactly how much comes out. After a couple months using P50, the moisturizers, masks, and serums - the texture of my skin has vastly improved. It's smoother, acne scars heal faster, and I feel like my skin has a lit within glow that wasn't quite there before. Needless to say, I'm hooked on the entire brand.

Where to Buy Biologique Recherche

      There is good news and bad news when it comes to buying BR in the States. The good news is that now plenty of spas sell online so it's super easy to get your fix. I personally have purchased from Rescue Spa, Vicki Morav, Toska European Spa, and Aida Bicaj. They all offer free shipping which is always appreciated. BR can sometimes be backordered, but you can just order from several different websites as the stock can vary from spa to spa. You also must make an account to see the prices, which brings me to the bad news - the stuff is expensive. Let me give you a rundown of the prices for the products I featured in this post: P50 1970 is $67 for 5.1oz and $101 for the largest 8.5oz size, Creme Dermopurifiante is $94 for 1.7oz, Creme Placenta is $68 for 1.7oz, Masque Vivant is $70, Masque VIP O2 is $146, Serum Iribiol is $42 for the 0.3oz size, and Serum Placenta is $68 for the 0.3oz size. The prices definitely make it an investment for your skin, and whether the cost is worth it varies from person to person, but if there was just one product I would get from the line, it would be the P50 lotion. If you're lucky and live or frequent Paris, the prices are much more affordable there! I was lucky enough to go recently and restock of some of my must-haves, it was around $30-40 cheaper for each product and I was able to get the VAT back. Unfortunately, the BR bug has bitten me hard, and as much as my wallet screams to stop, the condition of my skin when using BR products keeps me coming back.

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