September 24, 2018

Beauty Reboot - Returning From My Hiatus

      Hello all!! I know it's been a while, the last time I published a post was over a year ago in July 2017! After my wedding last year, the blog just fell by the wayside and yes, I unfortunately got lazy about getting back into it. But now I'm back, refreshed, and ready to share new beauty favorites, beauty hauls, fashion buys, and more! However, read on ahead for my new philosophy when it comes to approaching the blog.

      For those of you who have read me since the beginning (thank you so much for being a longtime reader!!), you may know that I used to post three times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It definitely is no small feat to pump out that many posts a week and good content at that. To me, good content is so much more important than sticking to a posting schedule. So after this refresh, I'm not promising any posting schedule or that there will be at least a certain number of posts a week. Instead, I will focus on producing better content for you all right here on the blog.

      During my year hiatus, I was still really active on Instagram however, and I will continue to be really active there. Sometimes I may even post a mini review there instead of on the blog if I feel like it's more appropriate for that platform. I've discovered a lot of new beauty favorites during my break, and have traveled quite a bit as well, so I'm really excited to share that on the blog! Stay tuned for posts about my new skincare routine (I've pared it down quite a bit from the last time I posted what my routine was), my new holy grail skincare brand, and my life-changing trip to Japan and why it is a place I think everyone should have on their to visit bucket list.

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