October 17, 2018

The Results of Dry Brushing

      Are you one of those people who uses exfoliating body products like salt or sugar scrubs, but you really don't see much of a difference when you use them? Even if you use them consistently? Yeah that was me too. No matter how much I scrubbed or how consistently I used body scrubs in the shower, my skin felt more or less the same. So when I came across dry brushing, which is basically exfoliating your body but using a brush and not a scrub, I gave it a shot and wanted to see if it would be more effective than using a body scrub.

      Some of you may already know what dry brushing is since it's gained a lot of popularity lately in the beauty realm, but it's another method to exfoliate your entire body. You drag a brush with hard bristles across your dry skin all over your body. If you're thinking, 'that sounds painful', you wouldn't be wrong! In fact when I first started dry brushing it was hard for me to even brush my skin lightly, but please keep at it! I've been dry brushing for about 2 months now, at least every other night (although I try to do it every night, sometimes I just need to shower quickly!). I shower at night but you can dry brush morning or night as it fits your routine, you can also choose to do it before the shower or after (I do it before). After dry brushing for two months, I can tell my skin is a lot smoother and softer - and I mean, it's significant and tangible. You know how your elbows can get patchy and dry? That's completely gone on me. Ingrown hairs are an issue for me on my legs as well, and I hoped brushing would address it, and while I still get them, I get them less! A couple things to note if you want to start dry brushing: (1) get a good brush and not a cheap one. Cheap ones fall apart after a few uses, make sure to get a quality brush that'll last you. I got mine from Espa here. (2) brush lightly even after you've become acclimated to dry brushing. If you want to exfoliate a certain area more than another, just brush over the area several times as opposed to brushing harder. (3) lastly it goes without being said, always moisturize afterwards! 

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