About Me

"A Glossy Discourse"
  • Glossy: from the journalistic term "Glossies" meaning a sophisticated and glamorously produced magazine.
  • Discourse: to engage in conversation or a discussion.    

    Hello! I'm Lana. I created A Glossy Discourse to blog about things I love like fashion, home interior designing, finding things at a steal, getting the most bang for your buck, and the Big Apple city life.

     I live somewhat of a bicoastal life; I'm currently living in New York City, but I am from California and often go back to visit my family & friends. Besides spending time exploring NYC and hunting for deals, I am also slightly addicted to listening to k-pop and playing video games.

   I try to post articles about how to live a fashionable lifestyle with a constant reminder that you have to stick to a realistic budget. I hope you'll find the posts in A Glossy Discourse helpful, interesting, and fun!!